So the USA celebrated its 238th birthday with a lot of music this past weekend. Big Liberty turned out to be a massive rave, just like the good old days when Local 13 was throwing the Whistle and Bang events. Seems like there’s a whole slew of younger people into hardstyle and harder dance genres. However, I’m glad there were at least a few into House, Techno, and even Trance, which I started out with. Anyhow, I had a good time playing with Blueshift once again, and it was nice seeing some faces I haven’t seen in a long time. Admittedly, I’m sure there were a few that wished they saw Dixon instead…

On a much better note, it looks like Morgan’s Pier is the venue to be for the summer (weather permitting). Friday night with Green Velvet definitely had to be the best night I’ve had there. Matpat definitely set him up for the kill with a nice blend of house and techno. Green Velvet then gives us an amazing DJ set and live performances of La La Land and Flash, which made a lot of people’s nights. Great vibes the whole night!

On Saturday, I went to the pier again to catch Justin Jay and Justin Sloe from Droog. Version 2.0 warmed up the night properly like they always do when they play. Justin Jay played an amazing Dirtybird-style set and got the crowd going. Justin Sloe dropped a real smooth and sometimes dark set. Although not as insane as Friday, still a good time nonetheless.

Regardless, I still wish there was more progressive house here. I still think I need to focus on doing things in NYC. Oh well. Gonna be putting in a lot of work these next few months.

Back to career mode in a few hours. Be on the lookout for the first edition of Grey Matters in a day or two. :-)